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The necessity of automatic pressure control by high pressure pump

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For various high-pressure pumps, pressure is one of the most demanding parameters, especially for the outlet pressure of the high-pressure pump, which often causes fluctuations with adverse consequences. In this regard, the technicians also try to control the regulating pressure by installing the frequency converter, but the effect is not good, and it is often difficult to achieve real-time control of the pressure. Is there any way to overcome this drawback?

With the development of technology, we have equipped the high-pressure pump with a pressure automatic control system, which not only can replace the direct labor of the operator, but also achieve automatic pressure control. Once the pressure has stabilized, the operation of the high-pressure pump will enter a stable state and the installation will be guaranteed.

The powerful automatic pressure control system is simple in structure, which is composed of pressure transmitter, PID regulator, frequency converter and high-pressure pump. It is also convenient to maintain and is an important performance of high-pressure pump automation. .