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Job Responsibilities:

1、Independently finish design tasks assigned by the supervisor engineer ;

2、Complete daily routine design task assigned by the supervisor engineer ;

3、In accordance with the requirements for competent engineers to coordinate relevant departments in the factory to complete daily equipment experiment ;

4、At the scene of the equipment application, have ability to solve the problem of general technology independent .

Job requirements:

1、mechanical design, mechanical manufacturing and automation, mechanical and electrical integration professional (recruitment undergraduate course with a bachelor's degree), there are more than 2 years working experience in mechanical design or related;

2、English CET4    daily listening, speaking, reading and writing ability;

3、 familiar with common mechanical processing technology, the nc machining process, machining center and nc car), can customize the general parts of nc machining process independently;

4、skilled operation2 D (CAXA electronic chart, AutoCAD drawing 3 D (Solid works such as 3 d design software) drawing software;

5、have good working attitude and communication ability, serious and responsible ;

6、Can be short-term travel 3 to 5 days (average 10 times/year).