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Tianjin Harvest High Pressure Pump Co.,Ltd. is a professional producer engaged in development, production and sales of high pressure plunger pump. For decades the company has always been committed to technological and management innovation. To ensure product quality by perfect quality management system, advanced management mode and detecting system) and we insist that product quality is the cornerstone, providing satisfied products and best service to customers is our mission.Our company is strong in technology and production equipment, we have approved by ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification and Coal Mine Product Safety Sign Authentication as well.Fully implementing ERP information enterprise management mode.

Our series of high pressure pumps are commonly used in modern industry for high-pressure water power equipment. Widely used in coal, mining,metallurgy descaling, high pressure water jet cleaning, marine surface clean, railway, foundation engineering, construction, auto and oil industry, chemical industry, traffic, water conservancy and hydro-power,  municipal clean as well as pressure test for varies rubber hose, metal pipe, oilfield drilling equipment etc. For high pressure water jet cleaning and ship cleaning rust, it can be equipped with high pressure gun, foot valve, cleaning tools and high pressure hose which can not only expand the scope of usage but also be safe and reliable. 

Our series of grouting pumps can be used reinforcement for new building, highway, high-speed railway, underground railway, and other soft ground. Also it can be applied to repair uneven settlement of old buildings, anti-seepage curtains for reservoir dams and underground buildings, retain cofferdam, mine leakage plugging, shaft wall protection, slope anchorage, etc. It can also be used in high-pressure water jet assisted rock breaking and coal falling,  liquid supply for underground hydraulic props, anchorage water expansion metal bolt pumping high-pressure water, underground large pipe cleaning, chemical pumps, high-pressure water jet perforation or other areas requiring high-pressure liquid as power. 

Our Company continue to adhere"quality first, integrity first, customer first" by relying on science and technology for development, taking customer satisfaction as the goal, constantly to provide better products and more satisfactory service for all customers.